Pam is making residents’ days with great meals

Pam Watkins worked in the hospitality industry for 35 years before taking up a role at Enliven’s Chalmers Home in New Plymouth.

Pam has been the food service team leader at the home for two years and says she has enjoyed the shift away from restaurants to the aged care environment.

“It’s great, I should have done it years ago. It is a better environment, it’s the people around you, it’s a joy working for older people and seeing them smile.”

Pam leads a team of seven kitchen staff who prepare lunch and dinner for the residents. Her role sees her doing a variety of things, including managing the team, ordering and costing food, and managing the food control plan.

She says corned silverside, mustard sauce, and pickled pork is a favourite meal of residents at the home.

“They always look forward to their meals, and if you make someone’s day, that’s important.”

She says it is a rewarding role, so much so that she is happy to commute an hour from Hawera every day to get to work.

Pam learnt a lot about cooking from her mum and nana, and now has children and grandchildren of her own, who she loves to spend her free time with.

“Spending time with family is really important. In my last job, I always put work before family, and suddenly when you work in an environment like this you realise how important family is.”

Chalmers Home is looking for more great people to join the team. If you or someone you know is looking for a fun and rewarding role, visit our jobs page or email: .

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