The Enliven philosophy

Creating communities where people thrive.

At Enliven the foundations of caring, enabling and supporting underpin all we do. We recognise people need to maintain control over their lives, wherever they live and whatever their age.

That’s why we’re committed to individualised support that puts you at the centre, and in control.

When you move into an Enliven village or home, you’re joining a truly unique and special community. Our aim is to create communities where older people have companionship, choice, independence, meaningful activity and purpose in their lives.

That means as well as providing practical day-to-day support and top quality clinical care, we really get to know who you are as an individual. 

We will work with you to achieve the things that matter to you most.

We focus on what really counts – you.

Enliven’s philosophy of care is based on the internationally recognised Eden Alternative. We recognise that some things are vital to a healthy, happy life – at any age.

As well as providing practical day-to-day support and top quality clinical care, Enliven recognises the importance of supporting social, emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing.

We acknowledge that everyone has different experiences, interests ambitions and spiritual practices – and we’re here to help you maintain the regular routines that help you thrive.

Enliven's Philosophy Explained

We believe the following things are vital to a healthy, happy life.

Identity (Tuakiri)

Having a sense of identity, community and belonging.

Growth (Ngaruru)
Being able to continually grow and learn.

Autonomy (Motuhaketanga)
Having a choice about who you are and what you do.

Security (Ahurutanga)
Feeling safe, having privacy and being respected.

Meaning (Whai tikanga)
Feeling like your life has meaning and you mean something to others.

Joy (Harikoa)
Feeling pleasure and delight.


The care principles of an Enliven home

When you visit Enliven homes and villages, you’ll see the Enliven philosophy in action. We live and breathe this way of life.

Our rest homes actively embrace the Enliven philosophy, including 10 key principles which are based on the Eden Alternative and aim to support positive ageing, companionship, meaningful activity and fun.

Enliven has some of the only homes in New Zealand to have full Eden Alternative certification. This means they are proven to be putting choice and control back in the hands of residents and actively applying the ten principles.

Enliven’s 10 principles of care