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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you post to addresses outside New Zealand?
No, we currently only deliver to New Zealand addresses.

How quickly are orders dispatched?
We aim to deliver products within 3-5 business days of receiving the order. Prompt dispatch of orders depends on stock availability with supplier. If the product you order is out of stock, we will notify you. You can either choose to have your money refunded or we can put your order on back order.

How do the shipping charges work?
The shipping charges are over and above the stated product price and are calculated at checkout. Orders with a total order value of $150 or more are shipped free of charge.

What if I’m not 100% sure on what to order?
There are certain products (e.g. incontinence products) that might have different sizes and absorbency levels; in addition to this, there might be other sensitive products for which we cannot accept a return. Please choose carefully while ordering these types of products as we will not be able to accept returns and offer refunds for these types of products. If you are unsure about ordering incontinence products, please get in touch with our team on 04 439 4994 or send an email to

What happens if the product is faulty or damaged, or the incorrect product has been sent?
Please let us know immediately (ideally within 48hrs from the date of receiving the products) by calling us on 04 439 4994. We will let you know how the product can be returned (if applicable), and work with you on replacing the product or refunding the price of the product. We will not be able to accept returns for an incorrect choice, if you no longer require the product, or if you have altered/modified the product, misapplied the product or subjected the product to non-recommended use.

Can we cancel an order?
If you want to cancel an order, please ring us as soon as possible on 04 439 4994. Our ability to cancel an order depends on where the product is in the pick-pack-ship cycle. While we will do our best to cancel the order, we cannot provide assurances on the same.

How are refunds processed?
In the event a refund is required, any refund owing will be paid into the original purchaser’s nominated bank account or credit card.


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