Book Stand


The Book Seat is a soft mouldable stand for books or tablets and is perfect for hands free reading and reduces wrist, neck and muscle strain.

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Sometimes, it can be a struggle to hold books and tablets for extended lengths of time. The Book Seat is a small beanbag that sits sturdy on uneven surfaces (including while lying in bed) and is perfect for hands free reading. The elderly struggle to hold books and tablets aloft for any length of time. The ergonomic & versatile design allows seniors to relax & read in comfort, while reducing wrist, neck and muscle strain.

This award winning lifestyle product is perfect for older adults or anyone who wants hold up a book more comfortably when in seated or reclining. It is also suitable for tablets or devices. The Book Seat has a shelf and adjustable page holder, which supports the book position & hold the pages open. The page holder can simply be flipped down to turn pages.

Made of furniture-grade microfibre faux-suede, the Book Seat can be easily cleaned and is delightfully tactile & soft in texture.

Key features:

  • Comes with a loop to hang & carry the bookseat
  • Has a pocket to store reading glasses, pens, booklight, ear phones
  • Devices of most types, cover on & off, sit comfortably on the bookseat
  • Has a ventilation path at its rear, to enable cooling of electronic devices like tablets, ipads, mobile phones, kindle
  • Versatile, adaptable and adjusts to different angles and positions
  • Holds a variety of different sized books; hard & paperback, novels, cookbooks, heavy text books, larger print books, DIY craft guide, Sudoku & crossword puzzle books
  • Comes in a variety of colours to choose from.