Lifemark 4 – Certified Enliven Retirement Villages

Experience Safe and Accessible Retirement Living with the Lifemark 4-Star Rating


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Our commitment to safety and accessibility is evident in every detail within our Enliven Retirement Villages. With a Lifemark 4 rating, our homes ensure usability and safety for people of all ages. The Lifemark® Star Rating assesses how well our homes suit your family’s needs over a lifetime.

Collaborating closely with Lifemark®, we tailor our villages to meet rigorous standards, offering peace of mind. From flat pathways to wider doorways and lever taps, our homes prioritize safety, accessibility, and comfort.

Exterior Lifemark 4 Features in our Retirement Villages:

  • Seamless pathway from street to front door, free of steps and easy to navigate.
  • Sheltered area outside the front door, equipped with sensor lighting for added security.
  • Wider doorways for enhanced accessibility.
  • Nearly level doorway access with minimal lip, ensuring smooth entry.
  • Spacious driveways with ample room for wheelchair maneuverability alongside vehicles.
  • Concrete driveways with gentle slopes for ease of mobility.
Close-up of Exterior at Levin Poppy Fields Village

Interior Lifemark 4 Features in our Retirement  Villages:

  • Wider doorways facilitating easy movement throughout the villa.
  • Kitchen amenities designed for accessibility, including high kick plates and ample space for wheelchair maneuverability.
  • Lever taps for effortless operation, easy-to-open/close drawers, and accessible below-bench cupboards.
  • Convenient top dish drawer and bench-height access for ease of use.
  • Bathroom features designed with accessibility in mind, such as non-slip vinyl flooring and wide, sliding door access.
  • High toilets, D-rails for added support, and spacious walk-in showers with room for assistance if needed.
  • Sensor lights and lever taps for added convenience and safety.
  • Bedrooms designed with spacious layouts, allowing for clear space around the bed and unobstructed pathways to the door.
  • Wide hallways facilitating easy movement and accessibility throughout the villa.
Levin Poppy Fields Village Two Bedroom Villa Bathroom