Meet the residents

When you work with Enliven, you get to spend time in the home of some awesome elders.

Sometimes when you work in aged care, people say “Isn’t it boring, working with old people all day!?” Put simply, the answer is, “No way!”

Old people… or elders as we refer to them, often don’t get the respect and admiration they deserve! When you work with elders every day you soon get to know they are far from boring. They have great banter, hilarious ‘dad jokes’, amazing life stories and knowledge to share.

Our staff often say how much they learn from residents in our homes. A simple conversation can lead to picking up a new skill or even a valuable life lesson. We all have something special to take away from these interactions.

So, when you ask if we work with boring older people… the answer?


Enliven residents

Every day, we learn something new about a resident. They have all lived their lives and have so much to share with us. Below are just a few examples of the variety of stories we hear.