Attends Stretchpants Comfort

From $14.99

Attends offer a range of fixation pants which can be used with our shaped pads to ensure that the product stays securely in place and close to the body to minimise the risk of leakage.

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  • All pants are white for improved discretion
  • Manufactured in high quality soft elastic material which is robust for improved comfort, fit and support
  • Can be washed up to 100 times at 60 degrees followed by gentle tumble drying at a medium temperature
  • Colour coded information on the inside of the waist band for easy identification of the pant size
  • The pants have no seams which prevents any marking of the skin
  • The pants have a short leg for improved comfort, a better fit and helps to reduce the risk of leakage

Additional information


Attends Stretchpants Comfort L:
Waist Size: 90-120 cm
Leg Size: 50-70 cm
Waistband colour: Brown

Attends Stretchpants Comfort XL:
Waist Size: 80-130 cm
Leg Size: 55-80 cm
Waistband colour: Green

Attends Stretchpants Comfort XXL:
Waist Size: >150 cm
Leg Size: 80-100 cm
Waistband colour: Grey