Gloup Medication Lubricant for elders

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Gloup® is a purpose designed medication lubricant that makes medications and vitamin supplements such as tablets, capsules and powders easier to swallow. Available in 4 flavours and 2 thickness levels.

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Gloup® is a slippery gel that makes tablets and capsules easier to swallow.

Many people do no not know that swallowing medication with yogurt, fruit puree, juice, and other foods may have negative impacts. None of these have been designed for use with medications and may impact the efficacy, side-effect profile and absorption of the medicine.

Gloup® has been designed to break down immediately in the stomach, and has minimal or no impact on absorption of medication. 

Gloup® doesn’t have any known drug reactions and is compliant with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). IDDSI is supported nationally by New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists’ Association, New Zealand Dietitian’s Association, Health & Disability Commission, and all large residential care providers.

Gloup® comes in 500ml pump bottles and in 4 different flavours:

  • Orange – Moderately Thick (400) and is ideal for elderly with dysphagia
  • Strawberry/Banana – Moderately  Thick (400) and is ideal for elderly with dysphagia
  • Raspberry – Moderately Thick (400) and is ideal for elderly on low sugar diet
  • Vanilla – Extremely Thick (900) and ideal for elderly with severe dysphagia

Key Features

  • Can be used in most circumstances and has no known interactions with existing medicines
  • Biodegrades into inactive elements in the stomach as a result of the acidic environment
  • Has a pleasant, raspberry, orange, strawberry/banana or vanilla flavour that camouflages the taste of medicines
  • Capable of effectively moistening the mouth and throat without sticking to the roof of the mouth
  • Suitable from age 2+
  • 60-day shelf-life once opened; 2-year shelf-life unopened
  • Can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated
  • Free from gluten, gelatine and lactose
  • Low-sugar option available (raspberry only)
  • Consists of 100% natural ingredients, all with ‘food grade’ status
  • Can be used with whole or crushed medications
  • Ideal for use in aged care settings or at home.


Viscosity and dysphagia
Enliven recommends dysphagia patients or anybody with swallowing difficulties to consult a Speech Language Therapist for evaluation of any swallowing difficulties and recommendation of suitable products. If following a Texture C diet, Enliven recommends consulting a Speech Language Therapist and/or Dietitian before consumption.

Moderately thick in viscosity (400) – This means these fluids can be drunk from a cup, eaten with a spoon but cannot be eaten with a fork because it drips slowly in dollops through the prongs. Effort is required to suck through a standard or wide bow straw. Has smooth texture with no bits, so no oral processing or chewing is required.

Extremely thick in viscosity (900) – This means these fluids can be eaten with a spoon (a fork is possible) but cannot be drunk from a cup as it does not flow easily. These cannot be sucked through a straw but falls off spoon in a single spoonful when tilted and continues to hold shape on a plate.