Don’t Give Me Eggs that Bounce


A book which celebrates the dignity of older people by offering advice and recipes to improve nutrition in people with dementia or who are on a modified texture diet.

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Don’t Give Me Eggs that Bounce is a cook book with recipes designed for seniors and elderly people needing a modified texture diet.

The book contains 118 carefully curated recipes including finger food, modified textured food and high protein options. Advice on presentation, colour, encouraging language and appropriate seating will aid the carer to ensure their loved one is receiving adequate nutrition.

Australia’s leading aged care chef, Peter Morgan-Jones, has prepared innovative recipes which draw on his extensive international experience, with one recipe even inspired by cooking for a ‘young prince’ at Highgrove House.

The recipes have been well tested with older people and are used in Enliven Homes to stimulate food intake. The ingredients are easy to find in the supermarket and straightforward to make.

Book features:

  • 118 cracking recipes for people with Alzheimer’s and those with eating difficulties
  • People who eat a regular diet will find dozens of recipes, tips and techniques to enhance their culinary experience
  • Carers are especially supported with time saving techniques, easy options and a special chapter on caring for the carer
  • Authors: Peter Morgan-Jones, Emily Colombage, Danielle McIntosh, Prudence Ellis
  • Softcover, 252 pages, full colour
  • Size: 246 x 191 x 18 mm
  • Language: English

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