Coloured handlebar grip for walking frame


A coloured walking frame grip to make your walking frame stand out from the others.

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Walking frames all look the same and it is easy for elders in rest homes to mistake another frame for theirs, more so in case of people with early stage dementia. As frames are set at the correct height for the individual, using a frame that is too short or too tall can be unsafe. Research undertaken by the NHS, in the UK has shown that decorating or “pimping” a walking frame or zimmer of the elderly can substantially reduce the risk of falls. Coloured handle grips is one fun way to differentiate frames from each other. Having recognisable walking frames also helps those with dementia to remember to use the frame, therefore reducing the chance that they will fall.

The grips come in a variety of colours: red, orange, pink, purple, green, blue, black & yellow. You can select the colour of your choice while ordering.

The grip is made of Ultralight High Density Foam Silicone Sponge, so it is very soft and has a smooth finish. It is anti aging and has frictional grip finish. This offers excellent wet or dry grip and requires no bar adhesion. It can be easily cleaned.

Once the grip is installed, it cannot be easily removed so read the instructions carefully prior to installation.

Instructions for installation:

1. Remove current grip. It may need to be cut off.
2. Remove cap from the end of the rail. (If it is not possible to remove the existing end cap, twist the new handles until there is 2 cm protruding from the bar.)
3. Clean handle bar with rubbing alcohol, alcohol based sanitiser or alcohol based window cleaner.
4. Spray the inside of grips using rubbing alcohol, alcohol based sanitiser or alcohol based window cleaner. Carefully twist the grip on to the handle, remembering to leave 2cm protruding from the end if it has not been possible to remove the current end cap.
5. Twist the new end caps into place.
6. Ideally let dry for 24hrs, however it is unlikely the grip will move once installed.

The grip fits a standard walking frame bar and measures 13*2.88*2.22cm.


Please Note:
Once the grip is inserted into the handle frame, it is self adhesive and cannot be removed easily.