Blooming Tea Set – 2 tea bulbs


An indulgent & innovative gift for the tea-loving elderly in your whānau, this gift is a delicate balance of health, art and tea. Packs contains 2 blooming flavoured tea & a transparent heat resistant tea pot

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This is a unique gift for the elderly in your whānau and is sure to give them a healthy and luxurious tea drinking experience, fit for royalty.

Blooming tea is a special category of woven Chinese tea, sewn by hand with flowers that beautifully “blooms” in your teapot right before your eyes. As you steep your blooming tea bulb- you enjoy a beautiful visual experience as it slowly unfurls, and is majestically displayed in your glassware.

The pack contains :

  • 1 x transparent heat resistant tea pot – 250ml
  • 2 x flavoured blooming tea bulbs

Blooming Tea Bulbs come in a variety of flavours and can be steeped multiple times without releasing any bitterness. Each pack comes with a selection of 2 flavours

Watch your tea bloom in a crystal clear tea pot. Made of high-borosilicate green glass the pot is crystal clear and has good texture. It is heat resistant with temperatures up to 150 degree Celsius. Capacity of 250ml (8.5 fl oz). Measures 15×8.5cm.


Place one tea bulb in the clear glass pot or tea mug. Bring the water to full boil and pour it into the glass tea pot or mug. Steep until tea bulb blooms (takes 5-8 minutes).

Pour all the tea into cups. Each tea bulb can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times after initial steeping.