Aunt Daisy Pack: Things that women need to know


A reminiscence activity with extension activity ideas. Suitable for Day Programmes, rest home and hospital level residents and those with no or mild dementia

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Aunt Daisy was a renowned kiwi radio personality in the 1930s – 60s. Known as “New Zealand’s First Lady of the Radio” she was the most popular broadcaster of her time and is still a familiar name to many elderly who grew up listening to her show.

Aunt Daisy was well known for her endless supply of handy hints, and we’ve selected 12 ‘tips for women’ for this activity pack that generate discussion, reminiscence and ideas. These innovative tips come from an era where little was thrown away and things had more than one use.

Time required: 40 – 60 minutes

Psychosocial needs met: social, cognitive

The pack contains:

  • 1x Activity instructions and extension activity ideas
  • 1 x laminated sheet having a write up on Aunt Daisy
  • 12 x laminated A4 sheets with handy tips from Aunt Daisy