Modified tai chi

Experience the incredible benefits of Enliven’s modified Tai Chi.

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes have been adapted to suit older people and those living with mobility issues or disability. The movements can be completed either sitting or standing.

Come and try an Enliven Modified Tai Chi class.

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes are held at various locations across the greater Wellington region. To learn more about these sessions or Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes call 04 439 4967.


The classes are held in a group setting with qualified instructors who hold current Tai Chi for Health Institute Instructor and First Aid certificates.

What to wear

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. You are welcome to take your shoes off during the class if you prefer.


  • Casual Rate $10 per class
  • 5 Trip with 1 free class $48 ($8 per class)
  • 10 Trip with 1 free class $80 ($7.27 per class)
  • Membership $40 per month

Learn more

For more information about our Tai Chi classes or to book a session, contact our friendly support team.

Experience the difference

We’re encouraging all seniors in the community to come and experience the benefits of Tai Chi!