Margaret says the care at Coombrae Home can’t be beaten

Margaret Withers feels at home.

It is no surprise that Coombrae Home resident Margaret Withers feels well looked after. Her daughter Tracey Withers is recreation team leader at the Enliven home, which means they have a unique relationship.

“We’ve always been close and now Mum is here fulltime I know she’s getting the best care,” says Tracey.

A homemaker all her life, Margaret had five children and now has six grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren who visit her regularly.

Being able to get out into the garden is an important aspect of Margaret’s new life at Coombrae Home.

“I am extremely happy here. I have my own garden plot and am looking forward to when we can go shopping to buy more plants,” says Margaret.

Birds are also on the shopping list.

“I had a large aviary when I had my own home and hope one day to be able to have somewhere that I can have a few whistling canaries,” she says.

Margaret enjoys her independence and says Coombrae Home offers her the opportunity to do her own thing.

“There is plenty to occupy us during the day and if we don’t want to take part, we can knit or read in our rooms. I have my own bed, chair, and TV. I am very comfortable in my new home with my treasures around me and having my daughter working here is very special.”

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