Longview Home residents interview new manager

Longview Home resident Jacqueline Brooky (left), who helped in the interview process for new manager Noelette Matthews.

When Longview Home’s new manager Noelette Matthews was interviewed for her role there were some important additions to the panel.

Longview Home residents Jacqueline Brooky and former All Black Bruce Watt were involved in the later stage of the interview process to ensure that Noelette would be a good fit for the Tawa home.

“They had questions for me about what they thought was important for a manager,” Noelette explains.
“They asked about how I’d relate to Longview, the activities, the culture. It’s good because I’ve now formed a bond with Jacqueline and Bruce.”

Jacqueline says she did have some questions she felt Noelette needed to be asked on behalf of the residents.

“It was an honour to be asked to do it.”

Enliven frequently involves its rest home residents in interviews for senior positions, such as care coordinators, clinical nurse managers and managers, Enliven business operations manager Suzanne Simpson explains.

“Often they ask questions that we haven’t thought of, and provide insights from their perspective.”

Suzanne says this aligns with Enliven’s philosophy of care, which ensures residents retain their independence and control after they move into an Enliven home.

Noelette started in her role at Longview Home late last year and is keen for Longview Home and its residents to be involved in the Tawa community as much as possible.

“I want to make sure that they have the opportunity to contribute to their community and be acknowledged for that contribution,” she says.

“I’m figuring out what each resident wants to do, what’s important to them, and how to connect them to those activities.”

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