Kōwhainui Home’s shop a handy spot for residents

Trinity, one of the weekend volunteer shop keepers.

Kōwhainui Home residents are spoilt for choice with their recently-opened shop which stocks many convenient items which they can purchase without having to leave the home.

The shop is decorated with various tins and jars and features a large vintage scale.

“We would like to thank the team at Morgan and Doyle Construction for bringing our vision to life, with special mention to Belinda Morgan who made the awesome canopy!” Kōwhainui Home manager Trish Boswell says.

Trish’s daughter Trinity Boswell and her friends, who are students at the Whanganui High School, started volunteering in the shop prior to the August Covid-19 lockdown as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award programme.

“We enjoyed working with the residents and hearing their stories as well as getting shop and retail experience with serving customers and using the Eftpos machine,” says Trinity.

Trish says a variety of handy items are stocked that are found at most convenience stores.

“We have a Nescafe coffee pod machine, a variety of Tip Top ice creams, drinks, lollies and some frozen food. We are open to requests from our residents for certain items if we can source them – especially those items that bring back memories like black ball mints and smoker lollies.

“We love seeing the residents sit out on the seats in front of the shop with their family members enjoying an ice cream.”

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