Huntleigh Home residents mark International Day of People with Disabilities

Bronwyn Hayward, Diana Felagai and Annelize Steyn may all use electric wheelchairs to get around, but each of them could not be more different.

Bronwyn and Diana are both residents at Enliven’s Huntleigh Home and Annelize is the home’s recreation team leader.

They recently made a fun video of the three of them going across a hand-made crossing outside the home, dancing and laughing – to mark the International Day of People with Disabilities – which falls on 3 December each year.

Students from neighbouring Karori Normal School came over prior to filming to draw a temporary crossing in chalk on the asphalt.

“What we wanted to show with the three of us on the crossing was diversity – and that diversity is beautiful,” explains Bronwyn.

“There is no one type of disabled person. With the three of us all having ‘legs with power’ we could all be assumed as being the same – but we are all so different.”

Diana says the video is based on her favourite song – ‘Happy’ by Pharrell.

“The song makes people happy – so you can’t help but laugh,” she says. “It was a fabulous time, a really happy afternoon.”

Enliven’s homes are known for elder care but are also home to several residents aged under-65 who require support.

Diana moved into Huntleigh Home after a stroke in 2018 paralyzed her left side.

“My parents are too old to look after me, so I was able to move in here. I love it here; the people and the staff are awesome.”

Bronwyn says they want to use this day to create some goals to achieve before the next International Day of People with Disabilities.

“We want to say, ‘these are the improvements that we’ve made’, and that can be a celebration in 2021.”

Huntleigh Home offers rest home and hospital care, short-term respite, health recovery care and a day programme. To learn more about the home or the elder-centred Enliven philosophy, visit or call 04 464 2020.

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