Training key to providing elders with the best care

Kandahar Court health care assistant Iliana Sabutu.

When Iliana Sabutu started working at Enliven’s Kandahar Court she was new to aged care but she promised herself she would learn about dementia to help the residents the best she could.

Almost seven years later, Iliana has completed multiple study units and is now helping to train up new health care assistants.

“I tell them ‘if I can do it, you can do it’,” she says with a smile.

Iliana says when she started out she felt a little conflicted as some of the tasks, such as anything that involved touching a resident’s head, went against her Fijian cultural beliefs.

“I came home, started reading and researching about dementia, and getting to know more about caring for elders.”

That was just the beginning of Iliana’s training journey. She has now completed all the qualifications offered by Enliven for health care assistants, including Health & Wellbeing levels 2, 3 and 4, and Dementia (Limited Credit Programme) Level 4.

It has taken three years for Iliana to complete all the training, with her finishing up the final level earlier this year.

“I promote the training – the more training you do, the more you know the job,” she says.

Enliven Trainer Sandi Champaneri says Enliven has an extensive training programme for staff. 

“It is essential that residents receive the best care and support so they can continue leading a fulfilling life. Having dedicated, caring and well-trained staff is essential to that.

“At Enliven health care assistants are encouraged to learn and develop, which brings a sense of satisfaction and a deeper understanding of their role.”

Iliana says another great help in her training journey has been the support she has received from the team at Kandahar Court.

Enliven’s Kandahar Home in Lansdowne, Masterton offers rest home and hospital care, while nearby Kandahar Court offers secure dementia care. For more information call the friendly team on 06 370 0447.

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