Enliven encourages Kapiti seniors to give Tai Chi a try

Instructor Gillian leading Enliven's Modified Tai Chi class for seniors

Enliven positive ageing services is keen to help Kapiti seniors enjoy the many health benefits of Tai Chi.

Tai chi, an ancient Chinese practice which involves performing a series of movements in a slow, focused manner, is known to improve coordination, balance and reduce the risk of falls among seniors. 

To encourage Kapiti elders to give Tai Chi a go, Enliven is offering first-time participants who attend an Enliven modified Tai Chi class on or before April 5th their first session free of charge. 

Enliven Tai Chi instructor Gillian says the gentle exercise is a great way for elders to improve their balance and coordination.

“Tai Chi is a great way to get the body moving, work on your balance and coordination, and de-stress.” 

“Our classes are specifically designed to ensure all participants can take part at a level which is appropriate to them, which makes it a wonderful form of exercise for beginners.”

John Joyce, a regular participant at Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes in Kapiti, says the sessions have helped him keep up his motor skills. 

“I really enjoy doing Tai Chi here and I think it’s helped me retain my sense of balance, which is so important when you get to my age. 

“In general, I think sometimes as men we don’t take care of ourselves as much as we should, so I would particularly encourage some men to come along and join me – it’s a really great group we’ve got here and our instructor is very warm, caring and understanding.”

Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes are held at Paraparaumu Memorial Hall on Aorangi Road, Paraparaumu  and Kapiti Uniting Parish on Weka Road, Paraparaumu, as well as other locations across the greater Wellington region. To learn more about these sessions or Enliven’s modified Tai Chi classes call 04 439 4967 or visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz.

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